for the professional and serious amateur rider


Stephen Mercer – International show jumper and producer of GreenLane Stud horses:

GreenLanes Balou Star
Stephen Mercer and GreenLanes Balou Star

“I have been fortunate to ride and produce horses for Peter Greenaway at GreenLane stud for 15 years. During this time Pete and I have produced and sold several international show jumpers, notably the best being GreenLanes Balou Star. I was not convinced “Darcey” was going to be exceptional when she was young but fortunately Pete saw something in her and convinced me to persist. Luckily, we did, and the rest is history as they say.

Pete has a great eye for a horse and the passion and patience to see the good side to every horse. He is a true horseman with a phenomenal understanding of breeding. He is the upmost professional, friendly and very approachable. He understands what mare works with which stallion to produce today’s top sport horses, whether it be dressage, show jumping or eventing. I could not recommend him highly enough if you are looking to buy or breed your next superstar. Together we will continue to produce the next crop of GreenLane’s show jumpers, with a few 4-year olds already impressing us. Please do get in contact with Pete if you want your next super star.”
Stephen Mercer, Four Marks, international show jumper.



Connie Colfox – How does your horse really feel, backs young horses for GreenLane Stud:

GreenLanes LeBambalou
Connie Colfox and GreenLanes LeBambalou

“I have backed horses for Peter Greenaway at GreenLane Stud for the last 3 years and have been impressed by their super temperaments, all round quality for the job and the amount of handling they have had – by which I mean enough to be respectful but not too much to be pushy or arrogant.  I have backed two stallions for the stud and both have had exceptional temperaments and ability, working well without being distracted by the other horses around them and both have had super ability for their job too.

As someone interested in jumping and eventing I am hoping to use the jumping stallion, GreenLanes LeBambalou, on some of my mares.  It has given me a lot of pleasure to see those I have been involved with going on to success in the show arena as competition horses and I am following their development with interest as I am sure some of them will go to a very high level with the right riders.  If you are an ambitious and talented rider, you would be well advised to look at some of Peter’s horses to help bring you success in the future.”
Connie Colfox, Symondsbury.




Georgina Wood – Event rider and show jumper, producing horses for GreenLane Stud and owner of an event horse we bred:

Georgina Wood and GreenLanes Hudson

“I have been producing horses for GreenLane Stud since 2015 and it has been a pleasure to work with such talented horses with brilliant temperaments. Peter is always happy for me to take my time with each horse to ensure they have the best chance of reaching their potential. As youngstock they are allowed to be horses and as a result, come to me as really happy athletes that are ready to work.

I bought 4yo GreenLanes Hudson back in 2016 when I was looking for an event horse to produce and he has been a total pleasure. He is talented, rideable and a real character to have around – I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop as he moves up the levels.”
Georgie Wood,  Reigate




Ellie Webb-Smith – dressage rider who had lost her confidence:

I cannot thank Peter enough for giving me the Opportunity to own a horse I’ve only ever dreamed of! After having a few nasty falls on my mare I was very nervous about buying a new horse. Peter was brilliant let me try Iggy multiple times in all weather and was completely honest throughout the whole process. I cannot thank you enough for such an easy experience buying Iggy who is exactly as described. Wouldn’t want to buy from anyone else again.

Ellie Webb-Smith, Hampshire

GreenLanes Enigma


Katie Garrett – mare owner and first time horse breeder:

Apache and foal
Super filly foal by our super stallion GreenLanes Jester at just a few hours old

Throughout my life of horses i have raised many foals but I had never bred one of my own, so for me my experience with Peter and Jester at GreenLane stud was a real path finder! I had been wanting to put my mare in foal for several years but the thought of the AI process was so daunting to me as an outsider of the breeding world and it seems to be something that nobody really wants to help you with. When I came across Jester i couldn’t help but notice how absolutely stunning he was and how relaxed his temperament seemed, this was perfect! He was exactly what I had been looking for. So i put my brave pants on and asked some questions! It turns out that was the best move I ever made… Peter was so helpful and explained everything that would be involved and what I had to do and all the information about Jester too, as it turns out, it wasn’t so bad after all. When Apache was ready, I picked the collection up myself and met Jester, and what a genuinely lovely horse he is in every way, so calm and relaxed. After an incredibly successful and simple conception and pregnancy I now have a gorgeous chestnut filly named Luna and Apache Girl is a very proud mum! I cannot recommend GreenLane stud, Peter and Jester enough, the whole process was made simple, smooth and relaxed and I couldn’t of asked for anything more, Thank you!